Start Your Warm Up as soon as you arrive !

Updated Thursday October 31, 2019 by Brampton North Soccer.

Would you?  On a cold day jump in your car, throw it into reverse and floor it out the drive way?   ----  NO ! even machines need to warm up and strech before expending power and energy!

Its no different for the human body !! WARM UPS are an important part of every practice and every game !!

Lets make it fun, challenging and look professional - not just a run around the field !  Here are some great warm up exercises that not only warm up the muscles but also work on agility, flexibility, fitness and body technique.

Warm Up Drills: 

In this drill it is important to maintain the line and the spacing between players.  Players should be watching to make sure they are keeping up with and are even with the player next to them.


Then try this one with the same techniques just a different format of the same type of warm up.





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