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A volley is an air-borne strike in association football, where a player's foot meets and directs the ball in an angled direction before it has time to reach the ground. A volley can be extremely hard to aim and requires good foot-eye coordination and timing.



How to Volley a Soccer Ball

1. Prepare for the ball Stay on your toes with your arms out for balance. Get ready to adjust quickly because it’s hard to determine the location of the ball and the speed.

2. Put your place foot down and your shooting foot up This should happen in a split second, right before the ball reaches you. Angle your body so that you face your target. Volleying correctly is all about timing. If you have perfect timing you can even volley a cross that deflects off another player. Getting timing right takes practice and focus.

3. Strike the volley Strike the volley like you would a standard kick (covered in our article, How to Kick a Soccer Ball. Kick the the middle of the ball and follow through. You can use the inside of your foot or your laces to kick a volley. A laces volley is more powerful while an inside volley is more accurate.


Volleying Soccer Drill:



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