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We want our kids to have fun but also to learn how to play properly.  The one pass rule nurtures the proper mindset for soccer.  Soccer is all about creating space, moving to the open space and passing the ball to create scoring opportunity.  This rule puts the focus on passing, possession and positioning first and scoring second.

The one pass rule means that a team must complete one successful pass before they will be allowed to score, ALL goals except for penalty kicks are therefore indirect.  If the play is intercepted by a loss of control & possession is gained by the opposing team or if the ball goes out of play, the count will restart. Throw-ins will count as one pass. Once one pass is completed the referee will signal to the team that they are able to score, as long as they maintain procession or control until the goal is scored the goal will count. If one pass between the team is not complete and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. This is going to create great controversy if you are not paying attention to the game. And although ONE is an easy number to count to it can get confusing if you are not paying attention to who the ball is being passed by and received by.

If a team has the ball and one pass has been completed and they shoot and the goalie defects the ball and it the teams kicks it in and scores - this is a goal.  If one pass was made or this is the first pass being made and the player passes to another player and the defending teams gets a foot out and deflects the ball but the offensive team regains control and scores – this is a goal.  There must be complete loss of control to restart the count.  This is at the referee’s discretion and it can be a difficult call sometime – you may not agree with the call but remember we are doing this in order to better your child’s understanding and improve their game technique. Remember what goes around always come back around and next time the call may be in your favour.

With our younger age group 2012/2013 (5 and 6 year olds) the Refs will be a little more lenient, however a "star" player will not be allowed to just take the ball and run with it and score -- he/she must pass the ball)

This rule is being implemented to promote passing, procession and to get kids looking for the open space to receive the ball rather than running in a pack and just kicking the ball up and chasing it down. It will also eliminate a goal being scored from goalie error - A player will no longer be able to take advantage of a poor goalie kick and rifle the ball back into the goal. It will also eliminate one player from intercepting a ball and running from one end to the other and scoring a goal. ONE successful pass must be made, in order to score… We want the focus and encouragement to be on PASS THE BALL!

This rule will only be implemented during regular season play as part of the training.  Once we enter playoffs the rule will be eliminated and we will hope to see what they learned through the season implemented during the playoff game. 

We hope you see your encouragement and cooperation with this TRAINING RULE. 

Thank you 


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